Version Number Changes
1.4.1Bug and UI fixes. "At a Glance counters" fixed. New and improved sounds (Not as annoying, no more beep every 2 minutes, less deafening). Buddy list fixed. VATSTATS integration. New and heavily improved search engine. Approach sector drawing "bellow" CTR/FSS sectors possibly fixed.
1.4.0New quick display options. NAT Track and Pacific tracks. Re-organised setting and filter menus. Separate refresh rate for ATC sector data. Improved debugger. Dummy ATC injector (For sector testing and exploring). Voice room info bug fixes. Sidebar overflow fixes. ATC Sector hierarchy interpreter fixes (More of a back-end thing, but sectors should work better now). New aircraft icon. Aircraft labels (Finally!). ATC sector extension interpretation improvements. SUPER DUPER INSANE PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENTS!!!!!!!! (It's not perfect but it's a lot better than before).
1.3.0Airline name and callsign detection (Must have EuroScope installed). AirCharts integration. VATBOOK integration. ATC Sector extensions implemented. Controller ATIS and Pilot Remarks URL detection implemented. Right-click and drag to zoom implemented. Airport data downloading fixed (Improved refresh times). Airport pins re-designed (Cleaned up and re-drawn). Hidden sidebar fixed. Roadmap bug fixed. Icon colour changing fixed. Hover labels improved. Auto-refresh timer fixed. Auto-updates possibly fixed (Yet again...). Ground charts mostly fixed. Notifications fixed (No more ATIS, repeated, or commas in the callsigns for notifications). ATC lists and counters fixed. MacOS support!
1.2.1New Voice Room viewing window for ATC. VATAWARE and VATSIM Statistics links added. Ground layout rotations fixed. Aircraft labels on test. Window state saves on app close. Fixed map "falling off screen" when sidebar resized. Fixed sidebar refreshing issue. For known issues, see bug reports.
1.2.0System tray integration, including a "Minimise to system tray" button. Download links updates for new CDN support. Major performance improvements. Possible fix to auto-installation when updating. Search fixed. Tool tips added. Sidebar refreshes when VATSIM data refreshes. Installation directory fixed for 64-bit installation.
1.1.1Airports bug fix. jQuery fixed. Settings bug fixed.
1.1.0Auto-update bug fixed. Buddy list added. Sector hierarchy control fixed. User settings fixed / overhauled.
1.0.132-bit implementation. Inital implementation of aircraft callsigns (hover only). Map performance enhancements.
1.0.0AccuMap V1 public release! Performance improvements. Aircraft Filters. Sector layering fixed
0.2.4Night area overlay added. FIR boundaries disable-able. Icon fixed.
0.2.3Auto-install disabled from auto-updates due to API issues. Settings dialogue fixed.
0.2.2Upper sector support. Unknown sector no longer throws errors. Loose callsign matching attempted (Possibly working, currently in beta(WOW! A BETA in a BETA)). Startup sound triggering fixed. Infinate ground layout big fixed. Repeating notifications fixed. Automatic day/night mode implemented.
0.2.1Auto update installation possible fixed...
0.2.0Info Panel and Map resizable. Click functions added (Kind of).
0.1.13Settings fixed.
0.1.12Updates fixed (AGAIN!) Settings menu select boxes fixed.
0.1.11Runway mode selection fixed (Definately!) Automatic App update fixed (Definately!)
0.1.10Default APP circle radius reduced. APP/DEP sector runway modes fixed (I think). Debugger added (Please use for bug reporting if able...) Corner radius removed for titlebar and panel header (You're welcome OCD people).
0.1.9New sector drawing API implemented (GeoXML3). ATC Sector defaulting implemented. Sector clicks disabled due to technical issues.
0.1.8Application updater UI. Download button fixed. Notification sounds fixed.
0.1.7Ground layouts fixed.
0.1.6Right click menu for staffed airports.
0.1.5Performance improvements. Auto update issues solved.
0.1.4Server calls depricated. Notifications fixed. ATC search fixed. Download popups removed. App hang on data download fixed.
0.1.3Auto updates fixed. Settings UI improvements.
0.1.2Fixed settings file saving.
0.1.1Sector overflow bug fix attempt. Fixed auto updates attempt. Selection cache.
0.1.0Initial beta release for AccuMap.