What is AccuMap?

AccuMap is a modern, snazzy and intuitive desktop application for viewing live VATSIM data such as pilots and air traffic controllers. AccuMap takes advantage of new features found in the Windows and MacOS operating systems allowing users to have a much nicer experience when searching through the map.

With features such as system notifications, accurate sub-sector hierarchy depiction, live community contribution, and many other features being added with app updates, why use any other VATSIM tracker?

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Latest News

Posted By: Eoin Motherway 30-10-2017 | 10:02:33 UTC

AccuMap V1.4.0 in the wild!

Many new features are in your hands with AccuMap v1.4.0! We've got:

  • New quick display options
  • NAT Track and Pacific tracks
  • Re-organised setting and filter menus
  • Separate refresh rate for ATC sector data
  • Improved debugger
  • Dummy ATC injector (For sector testing and exploring)
  • Voice room info bug fixes
  • Sidebar overflow fixes
  • ATC Sector hierarchy interpreter fixes (More of a back-end thing, but sectors should work better now)
  • New aircraft icon
  • Aircraft labels (Finally!)
  • ATC sector extension interpretation improvements
  • SUPER DUPER INSANE PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENTS!!!!!!!! (It's not perfect but it's a lot better than before)

We also have some more features such as VATBOOK maps and flight plan route decoding, but due to some time constraints, you can expect to see those features in a later hotfix.

What does AccuMap include?

Live VATSIM Data

Want to know who's online? AccuMap is the place to go! Showing all pilots and connected ATC across the VATSIM network in a stylish and accurate way.


At AccuMap, we don't discriminate. Our app is available on Windows and MacOS!

Accurate ATC sectors

No more guessing what part of the London FIR LTC_NE_CTR controls! Sub-sectors for en-route ATC across the world are supported and displayed on the map!
Since AccuMap allows for live community contributions, you can submit updates to sectors at any time, and once approved, every user will see the changes instantly!
Just to add the icing onto the cake, AccuMap also supports Approach/Departure sub-sectors with dynamic runway selection!
So no matter if your sector changes when the runways change, AccuMap has you covered!

ATC Sector extensions

AccuMap is the first ever "Who's online" client to be able to accurately depict ATC sector extensions.
When a controller is extending their coverage to another sector, they can simply enter:
into their controller info, letting AccuMap know they are extending!
For example:

Custom System Notifications

AccuMap gives users the ability to setup completely custom system notifications. Want to know if your friend is online? Interested to see if someone is squawking 7700, 7600? Favourite airport has ATC? No problem!

Always Up To Date

No need to share custom data files around! All of AccuMaps FIR boundary, sub-sector, and airport data is stored on our servers for all users to access, meaning everyone will see the same thing at the same time with no extra downloading required!
Not only is the data kept up to date, but the AccuMap application itself automatically updates as bugs fixes and new features are implemented.

Day & Night Colour Modes

Simming in a dark room? Don’t like the bright colours during the night? No problem! AccuMap has day and night time colour modes which can be changed manually or set to change automatically at a certain time, keeping your eyes from burning during late night VATSIM sessions!

And many more to come!

Wanna get your mits on AccuMap?

Download the installer for your desired operating system!


If you are having issues opening AccuMap, hold down the control key, click on the file and press open.


There are currently no plans to release AccuMap for Linux. It is possible, and if there are enough requests, we will begin supporting Linux systems.